Dargaville to Omapere

7 November, 2011







Railway wagon accommodation at Dargaville.

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Not much traffic in Dargaville at 7:30 on a Monday morning.

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Kaihu Tavern.

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Morning tea stop.

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Good use of an old root system outside the One Stop Kauri Shop..

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Riding in the company of giants.

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Ron and Susan on the way to visit Tane Mahuta.

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Giants of the Forest.

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Tane Mahuta.

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Here are some notes from the Department of Conservation.

Tane Mahuta (Lord of the Forest) is New Zealand's largest known living kauri tree. It is thought this tree was discovered and identified in the 1920's when contracted surveyors surveyed the present State Highway 12 through the forest. In 1928 Nicholas Yakas and other Bushmen, who were building the road, also identified the big tree Tane Mahuta.

According to Maori mythology, Tane is the son of Ranginui the sky father, and Papatuanuku the earth mother. Tane was the child that tore his parent's parental embrace and once done set about clothing his mother in the forest we have here today.

All living creatures of the forest are regarded as Tane's children.


Trunk Girth 13.77 m      Trunk Height 17.68 m       Total Height 51.2 m      Trunk Volume 244.5 m3












David R and Trish get over the Wairau Summit.

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Lunch at Waimamaku.

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The Four Square came in handy for the Food Patrol.

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Oh dear!!

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Of course, there has to be a reward at the top of a hill.
And this spot overlooking the Hokianga Harbour is today's reward.

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Here's a nice place to be at the end of a day's ride.

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Annie gets expert medical attention from Marieke, after stepping on a nail.
Ron's either giving welcome support, or trying to stem the flow of blood.

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View from the cottages at Hokianga Harbour.

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Photo : Ron O







Complete collapse at Omapere.

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