Whangaroa to Russell

12 November, 2011



A fiery sunrise to get us going from Whangaroa.

Last time we stayed here (2006) the whole of the front of the building was adorned with
a clothes line and extremely wet cycling clothes.

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Photo :  Tony









Morning tea at the Manginangina Reserve.

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Photo :  iPhoned by Ron J











Manginangina Reserve in the Puketi Forest.

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Photo :  Margaret









Sloop recommended this delightful spot for lunch at Kerikeri.

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Photo :  Margaret








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Photo :  Margaret












Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay.

Davids at Kerikeri Inlet.

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Photo :  Margaret












Over the gate, and in to the Waitangi Forest.

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Photo :  Margaret












Te Wairoa Road, Waitangi Forest.

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Photo :  Margaret












Sharing the road.
We came across 5 horse riders and one mountain biker in the Forest.

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Photo : Kit











Last part of the Forest ride heading to Waitangi, Paihia and Russell.

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Photo :  Arnold










"All Aboard!!"

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Photo :  Margaret








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