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South Island Back Country Tour

20 February to 7 March, 2014

Page One - Queenstown to Mossburn




Queenstown the evening before the tour started.

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Lyn and Neale enjoy the Queenstown Gardens.

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Getting ready to load the bikes.

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Dancing away from the Queenstown Wharf.

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The Mandatory Line Up.

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David, Glen, Kit, Ron, Geoff, JB, Jenny, Lesley, Annette, Stephen, Bob, Lyn and Neale






The nicest bike parking facility south of Auckland.

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Probably a bit early in the tour to be getting in to the beer, you guys.

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Neale has a close encounter with a couple of triple expansion engines..

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Port hole view.

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Earnslaw at Walter Peak wharf.

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Well!!  That's it, then!!  We will just have to go cycling.

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Another line up, just to make sure no one stayed on the boat.

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Neale, Geoff, Lesley, Lyn, Glen, Ron, David, Annette, Stephen, Jenny, JB, Kit, Bob.
Yep, they are all there.







The riding commences.

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Glorious Lake Wakatipu scenery.

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Must be DIY coffee time.

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Actually, it was lunch time.

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The Oreti River

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South Mavora Lake

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A guest at dinner time.

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Next day, heading off to Mossburn.

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Kit has a deer experience in Mossburn.

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And Glen has a well earned kip.

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