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South Island Back Country Tour

20 February to 7 March, 2014

Page Two - Mossburn to Bannockburn

These two days were spent in the challenging Nevis Valley.




Coffee stop at Athol.  The last place like this that will be seen for a couple of days.

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Oh no.  There was another one just down the road.  This is DEFINITELY the last one.

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You have been warned!!!!!

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There has been a rumour that ACTA will be changing its name :

The Auckland Cycle Tramping Association.

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The view after the first climb (there will be more - many more) makes the effort worth while.

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Obviously all our photgraphers wanted to capture the view.

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And, what a great place for a rest.

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One final look before we move on.

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Lunch time.
Looks like the Nevis Hilton.

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Lots of fords on the road.

The approach.

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Here's another.

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Prime Nevis Real Estate.

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Nevis Tent City

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Chow time

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Up market.
Prime waterfront living.

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Reflecting on today's ride?
Or contemplating tomorrow's?

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Happy Campers.

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Breaking camp next morning.

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Oh boy.  Look at that!!  Another hill to climb!!!!

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Did I mention there are lots of fords??

Here's another one at the foot of the hill.

P1090532.JPG (192852 bytes)







P2230050.JPG (186984 bytes)







But just remember that hill!

P2230048.JPG (141031 bytes)








24 inch gear.

P1090534.JPG (143116 bytes)







It must be REALLY steep if JB is using the 24" gear.

P1090535.JPG (151369 bytes)








Over the top.

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It's amazing what you can find at country Post Offices.

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Only 31k to Bannockburn.  Better press on.

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The last climb out of the valley.

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Are we there yet??

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Once again, in retrospect, the view makes it all worth while.

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The sign says it all.
The bike made it - wonder where the rider is??

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The view down to Bannockburn and Cromwell.

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