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South Island Back Country Tour

20 February to 7 March, 2014

Page Four - Otematata to Albury

This covers the 2nd and 3rd of March to Black Forest and Albury.




Leaving Otematata.

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A BIG hole at Benmore.

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View from the Benmore Dam.

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Looks like it's time to get serious again.

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VERY serious.

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Will it never end??

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Oh good.  It's rideable from here.

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Tantalising views of the lake make it all worthwhile.

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That looks interesting.

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There's at least one rider down there on the left.

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And some on the gravel fan.  Well, walkers actually.

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More across the river.

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More lovely lake views.

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At last - the Black Forest shearers' Quarters.

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Early morning scenes before leaving Black Forest.

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Haldon School.

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Wonder what they are looking at  -  or for.

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On the way to Mackenzie Pass.

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Lunch stop on the way to Mackenzie Pass.

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Traffic jam on Mackenzie Pass.

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The Albury Tavern.

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