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Auckland Cycle Touring Association



Te Aroha Weekend

Saturday & Sunday 24 & 25 May, 2008




Before you go riding, you have to get ready.

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This includes looking seriously at your bike, with assistance if necessary.

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You definitely need to know where you think you are going.

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And you have to make sure there is enough air in the tyres to support
the breakfast you have just had.

Again, assistance is helpful.

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Finally, there has to be the "We Were Here" photo.

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Next thing you know you are at the Kaimai Cheese Factory getting ready to
sample their delicious muffins.

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Old (and not so old) cyclists never die.  They simply leave Auckland and move to Matamata.
The tall bloke, the lady with the red cap, and the bloke sitting down are living proof of this.

Good to see you on the ride Colin, Gabrielle and Ray.  Looks like Matamata is agreeing with you.

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Wow!  Those tyres are all going to need pumping up after this lot.

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Photo Dick H







Matamata is definitely treating this ex-pat well.

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Photo Dick H








Ready to ride through Matamata's beautiful Centennial Park.

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Matamata has treated Colin & Gabrielle so well, they need a big bike to get around on.
(BUT, you ain't seen nothing yet!)

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Isn't it glorious!!

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Tail End Charlie waits patiently for the photographer.

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Photos by Caroll S - except for the 2 by Dick H