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Auckland Cycle Touring Association



Te Aroha Weekend

Saturday & Sunday 24 & 25 May, 2008




You won't beleive this - they are eating again.
Do these people ever ride their bikes?

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These two shots (and the next one)  were taken in C & G's lovely garden.

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What on earth IS that dangling in front of Betty?

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Photo Dick H







You were warned that "you ain't seen nothing yet!"

Just check out the sort of bike (or whatever it's called) they use in Matamata.






Go on, scroll down.







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Photo Margaret A







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Photo Dick H






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Photo Maurice K

Two things to note :
a) Colin did not take any blokes for a ride and
b) he did not let any of the ladies drive






Enough of this frivolity, these folk do actually cycle.
Unfortunately, they also sometimes get punctures - or was the tyre just not
up to carrying all that food.

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Lovely scenery to be riding past.  Strange looking microlight in the paddock.  :-)

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Looks like something interesting is happening back there.
Wonder what it was.

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Yet another lunch stop.     (This was a two day trip, remember?)

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And finally




Prospective ACTA members just hanging around.




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Photos by Caroll S - except for the 4 that aren't