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Auckland Cycle Touring Association

South Island Tour, 2008

Queenstown to Mavora Lakes
or to Athol

20 February, 2008



SS Earnslaw getting ready for her trip across Lake Wakatipu.

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The Mavora Lakes contingent.
Marieke and Arnold have now joined us as have Heather and John from Melbourne.

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Photo Margaret McK







Earnslaw moves away from the wharf with the ACTA crew at the bow.

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Heading to Walter Peak.

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Selwyn absorbing the beauty of Lake Wakatipu.

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Photo Neale S











The road to Mavora Lakes.

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Photo Neale S











Alongside Lake Wakatipu

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Photo Neale S









Top of the hill, before the glorious descent to Mavora Lakes.

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Photo Neale S












Mavora Lakes campsite.

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Photo Neale S















Meanwhile, the land based group had made it to Kingston for a whiff of steam and some lunch.

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Time to cycle on to Athol.

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Photo Margaret McK







Roadside scene south of Kingston.

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Photos, unless otherwise credited, John McK

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