Christmas Lunch

at Whangaparaoa RSA


20 December, 2009

The function started with a pre-lunch drink  -  or two - and lots of chatting.



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David and Annie, & Lyn and Lyn.





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Jim and Keith.







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Gaye, Stu, Susan, Ron and Neale.





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Gaye and Stu & Warwick and Rosemary.







 DSC05065-1.JPG (58787 bytes)

Jim, Arnold and Bryan.






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Tricia and Denis & Margaret and John.






DSC05069-1.JPG (57403 bytes)

Marieke, Caroll and Briar.







DSC05070-1.JPG (67078 bytes)

Cecilia, Stephen and Maurice.






DSC05071-1.JPG (43177 bytes)   DSC05073-1.JPG (57889 bytes)

John and Doug & John and Lyn.






DSC05075-1.JPG (65862 bytes)   DSC05076-1.JPG (36876 bytes)

Jack and Beth &  Denis and Pelham.







DSC05077-1.JPG (31949 bytes)

Ron and Susan.




After the drinkies were drunk, the chatting was chopped, and the food was finished
it was time for President John to do some cup presentations.




DSC05078-1.JPG (44426 bytes)    DSC05079-1.JPG (41004 bytes)

JB got the Captain's Cup for getting out the most on Sunday rides and
Susan and Ron got the Junior Cup for being new members attending most rides.





DSC05081-1.JPG (45099 bytes)         DSC05080-1.JPG (32215 bytes)    

Warwick was awarded the Hill Climb Cup for his prowess at the Tour de Taupaki.

There were three cups that John could not present, as the recipients were not there,
leaving John holding them.

Peter G was awarded the Rough Stuff Cup in recognition of the awful face plant he did while
descending Mt Roskill back in October.
David R's award was the Tourist Trophy recognising his ride across the Nullarbor and
Keith R was awarded the Trialist Cup for his slow riding and downhill coasting skills.



DSC05082-1.JPG (38727 bytes)     DSC05084-1.JPG (43693 bytes)

John received the Best All-Rounder and Gaye received a special award from Pete
for her first time effort riding 160km non-stop around Lake Taupo in 7:24:58.
Good on her!!!!











Apologies to those whose photos are not here.  Some were, regretably, tooooooo out of focus.










Photos: John McK, except the one taken by Stu and the one taken by Margaret McK.





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