Karangahake to Anzac Bay

7 March, 2010



The highlight - where there is almost no light - of the ride may be the passage
through the 1.1km tunnel!

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(Actually, the tunnel has lighting in the roof, but having a torch with you helps - even if it
is simply to let other tunnel users know where you are.)













Looking east up the Ohinemuri River.  The trail follows the side of the river
opposite the main road.

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Photo: John McK











And looking downstream in to the best part of the Karangahake Gorge.

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Our leader took us up a walking track to view a waterfall.
While it would have looked great had there been any rain recently
all we saw was a watertrickle.
But it was a nice little walk.

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JB had trouble getting in to the baby chair at the Waikino Station Café!!

IMG_3640-1.JPG (81501 bytes)

All Donald was interested in was his coffee.  :-)

















Lunch at Anzac Bay at the north end of Tauranga Harbour.

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Anzac Bay.

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Photo: John McK










Photos: Caroll, except those that aren't.





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