19 & 20 June, 2010

Garth's Winter Solstice
Northland Tour






Garth based his tour in Kamo.

On the Saturday the journey took in Purua School and the rather muddy Riponui Road.




The morning tea stop was at Purua School.
Studying the map : where to from here?
Actually, just where is here?
Steve seems to know.

DSCF0025-1.JPG (91519 bytes)












Garth gets supercharged!
Not too sure about your choice of Flat White there, Garth.

DSCF0026-1.JPG (81057 bytes)








Don't know what's going on here, but it looks like Dick is well prepared for a boil-up.

IMG_3808-1.JPG (93058 bytes)

Photo : Caroll








The line-up.
Lyn, Dick, Susan, Garth, Ron, Annie, Steve and Murray.
Warwick was lost, and missed his coffee, and Caroll was behind the camera.

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Photo : Caroll









On one of the day's interesting climbs.
There was 829m climbing for the day over 63km.

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The damp and muddy Riponui Road.

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As they were riding in the daytime they did not harm any Kiwi.

Looks like Susan might be interested in investing in mudguards.

Actually, on closer inspection, they could all benefit from them.

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Warwick with a flat.  He obviously became unlost.
Garth seems less than interested in doing anything with that tube,
while Annie emphasises a point with her foot.

DSCF0039-1.JPG (89963 bytes)







Lunchtime in salubrious surroundings.

DSCF0041-1.JPG (119263 bytes)














Bike cleaning.  Wonder what Garth was scooping up?

DSCF0045-1.JPG (136034 bytes)


STOP PRESS!!  I have since been advised that the dust pan was Garth's treasured "road find"
on day one.  Unfortunately the brush was irretrievably broken and Garth was trying to figure out
how to use his treasure without the brush.









On the way to Whananaki South.

DSCF0050-1.JPG (164973 bytes)










Getting ready to cross the 300+ metre foot bridge from Whananaki South to Whananaki.

DSCF0055-1.JPG (123199 bytes)






Looks slippery, but so narrow that there is nowhere to fall.

DSCF0057-1.JPG (52358 bytes)









Looking back to the south side.

DSCF0059-1.JPG (58995 bytes)

I am advised by usually reliable sources that this is Garth still trying
to negotiate the bridge.  Everyone else has long gone.







Where has everyone gone????

DSCF0062-1.JPG (43619 bytes)

The same source assures me that, at this time, Garth was still dealing with the bridge -
or the bridge was still dealing with him!!






I guess this says it all - end of the road and end of the photos.

DSCF0064-1.JPG (44167 bytes)




Photos supplied by Ron, except Caroll's 2.








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