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1 August, 2010



OK OK - this has got nothing to do with cycling, apart from being one of the
interesting scenes you see while riding with ACTA.





Tucker Time

P1010139-1.JPG (304180 bytes)


It is not only ACTA riders who are out looking for the first latté of the day!!.






Anyway, it was too much for JB.  He just could not resist a sup of nice fresh milk.......












P1010134-1.JPG (185883 bytes)

......even though it was not pasteurised!!!









He probably had not counted on having a confrontation with Daisy's husband,
but he was not daunted and bravely faced up to his opponent.













P1010138-1.JPG (144405 bytes)







After that the rain set in and we had no more photo stops.




The time in Auckland, New Zealand is


Perhaps it's time you got back to work -
but only if you have finished looking at ACTA's web pages.






Photos : John McK

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