Newmarket Viaduct

29 August, 2010



OK OK - this has got almost nothing to do with cycling, but maybe Motorway improvements will make
the real roads better for cyclists.

Today, a week before the Viaduct was due to open to southbound traffic, NZTA opened it
to pedestrians and, at 2:45pm, cyclists.

It was a wet, windy day - but we were lucky - until about 5 minutes before we were due to be off
when another squall came through.

Big Blue - the construction gantry that will now be moved over the existing southbound
lanes and then used to demolish the old southbound Viaduct.

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We got on at the St Marks Road onramp and cycled to the Gillies Avenue end.

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Perhaps the understatement of the year!!!

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End of the road at the Gillies Avenue barrier.

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I hope that little Internet download image did not make you call your IT guru. :-))





Broadway View

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Fortunately that squall obliterated Rangitoto, but left us unscathed.

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Another Broadway View.

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Beauties and the Beast

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Photo: Barb C






Barb C, Deputy Chair of Cycle Action, - in the centre - was instrumental in getting
NZTA to invite cyclists along today as well as walkers.

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Photo: Barb C








Looking back to Big Blue.

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St Marks and St Michaels Churches.

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Sky Tower, crane and AHB Chimney. 

The Farmers building, with the sawtooth roof,  used to be the
Dominion Motors assembly plant where many, many Morris Oxfords, Minors and Minis were built.

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Westfield Broadway.

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Near the end of the day.  Almost everyone has gone before the threatening squall arrives.

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Springtime, cyclists and graffiti.
Ron and Susan coming off the ramp.

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Railway entrance to Newmarket Station.

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This unicycling couple certainly caught people's attention.
Mark was busy handing out CAA cards.

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Photo: Kevan's friend Chris








Kevan and John sheltering from the rain.  Viaducts have their uses.

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Photo: Kevan's friend Chris






The time in Auckland, New Zealand is


Perhaps it's time you got back to work -
but only if you have finished looking at ACTA's web pages.






Photos : John McK, unless they were taken by Barb or Chris.

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