Thames to Coromandel
& back

31 October, 2010


Today's climbing.

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Photo :  Bikely










Today's Map.   Click on it to view it in Bikely.

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Wilsons Bay.   The ride along the coast is over.  There are now two serious hills to entertain us.

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Manaia looks down on us.

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Kirita Bay.
At least the climbing results in lovely views - and you need to stop to catch your breath.

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Looking up the coast toward Moehau (the peak on the right) and
Coromandel's off-shore islands.

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Lunch stop line up.

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On the way home - looking at the Big Smoke, 60 km away, from the top of our last climb.

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Another view of Kirita Bay.

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Wilsons Bay in the late afternoon.

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Not too far to go   -  Thames is round the far point and it's all flat riding.

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The time in Auckland, New Zealand is








Photos : John McK.

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