Beautiful Waiheke

11 February, 2011


A Friday ride on a very hot day enjoying Waiheke's beautiful scenery.






On the ferry on the way to the stop at Devonport.

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Photo: Lyn








Coffee at The Beachfront Café.

Mack is getting some shots of Waiheke's Beauties.

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Photo: Lyn









Waiheke's Beauties.

The western end of Onetangi Beach.

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Photo: Mack









The eastern end of Onetangi Beach.

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Photo: Mack








The library in the centre of Onetangi Beach.

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Photo: Mack










Too soon we had to go hill climbing.
David R gave us the joyous news here, as we caught our breath, that it was about 32°.

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Photo: Lyn









And we had more climbing in front of us.

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Photo: Lyn












Another hilltop stop, this time looking down on Owhiti Bay.

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Photo: Ron











We had lunch at Man o' War Bay, where the water was sooooo inviting.

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Photo: Mack











Sooooo inviting....and some just had to have a swim.

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Photo: Ron










We climbed out of Man o' War Bay  -  and then had more climbing.
See the rider near the top of the hill?

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Photo: Mack















The view from the top made it all worthwhile, as this panoramic shot shows.

P2110013-1.JPG (81396 bytes)

Man o' War Bay                                                Pakatoa             Tarahiki                                    Rotoroa                                                                                   Chamberlins Bay                                               Ponui                
                               Arran Bay

Photo: Ron









Omaru Bay, with Ponui in the background and the Hunua Ranges way back.

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Photo: Mack











As the last four of us (these 4, like everyone else, missed the 4:00pm ferry.  But they missed the 4:45 one as well!!)
were arriving in Auckland Sun Princess was going astern from Queen's Wharf.

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Photo: Lyn









As a contrast, car carriers must be the ugliest vessels afloat.

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Photo: Mack









And, as the sun sinks slowly in the West, we say, "Farewell" to beeeootiful Ockland.

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Photo: Mack





Ride leader David W, on his ride report said there was 17km of gravel, 1100 metres of climbing,
32° in the sun and no wind.

Here's the Bikely Elevation Graph to prove the climbing.  (Not sure how it gets -3m.)

Elevation_Waiheke.jpg (111749 bytes)

If you want to look at the map for the ride, click on the graph.





The time in Auckland, New Zealand is







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