Klondyke Road

10 April, 2011







After climbing a couple of reasonable hills, and wandering through a pine forest on a pine-needle
covered gravel road, you get rewarded with this view over the Waikato River.

Klondyke Road is loved for its great downhill at the end.  In the image below the road comes
in from the left through the scrub and then drops down the far side of the ridge.

P1000862-1.JPG (189361 bytes)

Photo : John









This scene is just to the left of the one above. Sharp eyed viewers may be able to imagine some cyclists
waiting near the left end of the road.

On our rides programme we often describe routes as hilly, or rolling, when the terrain may need to be explained.
This countryside could be described as "rolling" : you fall over at the top and roll all the way to the bottom.

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Photo : John









If you had trouble seeing the cyclists in the previous pic, try this one!

They are contemplating the descent.  You can see the start of it just in front of Keith.

P1000863-1.JPG (145616 bytes)

Photo : John









Meanwhile Caroll and Ray were waiting for us at the lovely gardens at
Port Waikato's Cobourne Reserve.

IMG_4202-1.JPG (91763 bytes)

Photo : Caroll









Finally the Klondyke Roaders came in to view.

IMG_4203-1.JPG (84177 bytes)

Photo : Caroll











Luitgard and Donald checking the surf.

IMG_4206-1.JPG (104293 bytes)

Photo : Caroll













Susan and Warwick doing the same thing.

  IMG_4208-1.JPG (63164 bytes)  

Photo : Caroll











Just how many blokes DOES it take to fix a puncture???

IMG_4209-1.JPG (103163 bytes)


Photo : Caroll








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