Waitomo Winter Solstice 2011

25 June, 2011







We could not get the usual group shot before leaving camp on Friday : it was foggy and not everyone was there.
So we got it on the Saturday before departing to Te Kuiti.

Garth is conducting his choir singing, "Happy Birthday"  to Marieke.

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Selwyn, Garth, Helen, Stephen, Annette, Ron, Luitgard, Judy, Athol, Bryan, Marieke, Murray, Maurice, John, Susan, Warwick.

Photo : Arnold






View from Fullerton Road heading to Te Kuiti.

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Photo : John











This is from Rangitoto Road as we head in to the hills east of Te Kuiti.

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Photo : John








View towards Otorohanga as we descend Barber Road - a lovely descent!

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Photo : John








As Ron was discovering!!

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Photo : Arnold









So were Susan and Garth!!!

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Photo : Arnold










Lunch on Otewa Road - literally.

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Photo : John








Our leader - probably scheming up something to do after lunch.

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Photo : Arnold









Waitomo Valley Road in the afternoon sunshine.

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Photo : John








Helen seems to be scarpering from the Bristol.

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Photo : Ron








A Bristol Freighter sticking out of the hillside was one of the more slightly unusual things to see at Woodlyn Park.

P1010058.JPG (137563 bytes)

Photo : John











Of course, a fairmile dressed up as a motel is also a little strange.  This was the Motunui, but it is now
known as the Waitanic.

The plane was also a motel, as was a railcar and some accommodation suitable for a Hobbit.

Check them out here.

P1010061.JPG (185298 bytes)

Photo : John











We did not stay at the Waitomo Hotel.

     P1020259.JPG (168556 bytes)

Photo : Ron







We stayed at the Waitomo Top 10.

The blurb on their website says, inter alia,   
"For toilet, shower and for cooking, you can rely on our modern communal facilities.
As with any Top 10 Holiday Park in New Zealand, they are immaculate!"



Take a look at this pic from the men's shower block.

Top 10 seems to be a master of understatement.


The flowers were a nice touch.


P1010019.JPG (97244 bytes)

Photo : John








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