Waitomo 2011 Winter Solstice

26 June, 2011







We departed Waitomo just after 8 and headed for Honikiwi, which is between
Otorohanga and Kawhia.

We left the cars at the Honikiwi Hall.

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Photo : John










It was not long before we found what Garth had been looking for all weekend - GRAVEL!!

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A friend who used to live in this area around 1950 said they always used Honikiwi Road as a benchmark :

as in, "Oh, Such-and-such Road!  That's almost as bad as Honikiwi Road!!"

Photo : John









Climbing towards the summit on Honikiwi Road.

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Photo : John











Morning tea.

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Photo : Ron











The stragglers leave the morning tea stop - heading to the top of the hill.

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Photo : Ron










The top was only just around the corner and we were soon treated to this view out to
Kawhia Harbour and the Tasman Sea.

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Photo : John









The gravel was in lovely condition and the downhill we were rewarded with was a real blast.

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Photo : John









If you took the time to slow down or, better still, stop there were lovely scenes to view.
The road here had descended from the horizon at top left.

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Photo : John










Looking at Hautapu from Hauturu.

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Photo : Athol










A couple of views looking back towards Kawhia Harbour as we head east along SH 31.

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Photo : John








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Photo : John











Once over the watershed this view of Kakepuku and Maungatautari - about 45 crow flying km away - opened up before us.

P1010091.JPG (132795 bytes)

Photo : John


And then we headed back to the cars at Honikiwi, but many did not have to ride all the way as some of the drivers
had had a speedy ride back and then drove to meet the rest of us.


The consensus opinion was that Garth had delivered a great weekend.








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