Exploring Hobsonville
Greenhithe & Albany

12 June, 2011







Wednesday riders see these areas quite often but, for those who can't get out on
a Wednesday, there is a lot of development to see in this part of Auckland.
Helen did a great job showing us around.



The shared path alongside the Greenhithe Bridge - a great downhill.

The poor old Fairmile has also gone a long way down hill.

DSC00059-1.jpg (101263 bytes)

Photo : Maurice











A different style : a different colour - and how!!
This new footbridge over SH18 - the Upper Harbour Motorway - links
Clarks Lane and Hobsonville Village.

DSC00060-1.jpg (106281 bytes)

Photo : Maurice











Tony thought this might be part of John Key's National Cycleway Scheme.
It's the view from the yellow bridge.

New_bikeway-1.JPG (96899 bytes)

Photo : Tony











Greenhithe Bridge and NZ Yachting Developments wharf at Hobsonville.

DSC00061-1.jpg (64529 bytes)

Photo : Maurice








Hobsonville Park.

Hobsonville_park-1.JPG (95936 bytes)

Photo : Tony









Happy strollers leaving the Catalina Café at Hobsonville.

P1010012-1.JPG (431041 bytes)

Photo : Mack











Bike racks? at the top of the Greenhithe Bridge path.
(N.B.  They are not ACTA bicycles, so don't try to recognise them.)

DSC00063-1.jpg (129670 bytes)

Photo : Maurice











Starting to unpack lunch.
(Maurice is checking his GPS to see where we are.)

Lunch1-1.JPG (120917 bytes)

Photo : Tony











Looks like Helen is supervising her boys.

Lunch2-1.JPG (176849 bytes)

Photo : Tony












Peter bids us farewell so he can go home and patch up his wounds -
you can see the bloody elbow, but the bloody knee is tastefully out of frame.

Peter had earlier discovered the dangers of a pathway with a wet timber deck.

    Lunch4-1.JPG (179162 bytes)

Photo : Tony









Albany Park, with its nicely elevated wooden deck.
(This one had a reasonable anti-skid covering.)

Albany_park-1.JPG (253746 bytes)

Photo : Tony








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