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24 July, 2011







The forecast for today included things like "showers, some heavy and thundery.   Chance of hail".
Fortunately for us, any showers we had were pretty light.



Bubbly and orange time at the top of Mount Victoria.

P1010139-1.JPG (93236 bytes)












Not sure what brought on the amusement.

P1010142-1.JPG (127057 bytes)

But, looking at the empty glasses, we can take a guess!!











The line up, just before the three late arrivals got to the summit.

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Not sure what Kevan did, but Chris is about to deal to him.

P1010144-1.JPG (120710 bytes)

While Luitgard deals to her meusli.











First course at Lesley's was the cereal course.  We had fruit, muesli, cornflakes
yoghurt and - yummy - porridge with cream and brown suger.

P1010145-1.JPG (136429 bytes)












Next stop was at Pat's for tea, coffee, muffins and scrumptious banana cake .........

P1010148-1.JPG (135755 bytes)












......   and lots of talking.

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   We actually did get to do some cycling as well.
The Albany bus station is in the background.

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Then it was time for our main course at Café Drina in Rosedale.

P1010152-1.JPG (165442 bytes)












Waiting for the ferry on Devonport Wharf.

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Not too many pax on the homeward ferry journey.

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