Upper Harbour Motorway

6 August, 2011



OK OK - this has got almost nothing to do with cycling, but maybe Motorway improvements will make
the real roads better for cyclists.

Today, a day before the SH18 motorway was due to open, NZTA opened it
to pedestrians and, at 2:00pm, cyclists.

Several ACTA members turned up for the opening, and 4 of these had made it an
addendum to Bryan's Saturday Coffee Ride.









Looking west from the Trig Road Bridge.

P1010159-1.JPG (183875 bytes)










And looking East.   This was the entry point for the ride.

P1010160-1.JPG (174522 bytes)









YEAH RIGHT!!!!!    on all counts.

P1010161-1.JPG (230540 bytes)










Tony, Bryan, Maurice and Susan joining in the fun.

P1010164-1.JPG (146188 bytes)










A great afternoon out for all cyclists.

P1010167-1.JPG (153874 bytes)











David, Ron and Susan homeward bound.

P1010168-1.JPG (197689 bytes)








Heading up the hill to the Clarks Lane Footbridge.

P1010169-1.JPG (193340 bytes)







Looking west from the Clarks Lane Footbridge, on Helen's ride on June 12.
The ride today started where the road below disappears in the distance at Trig Road.

P1010011-1.JPG (146045 bytes)









The last hill before the finish.

P1010171-1.JPG (165755 bytes)











Just in case.

P1010173-1.JPG (152399 bytes)












SH16 / SH18 interchange about 14 hours before it opens to traffic on Sunday 7th.

It will never look the same again.

P1010175-1.JPG (170330 bytes)









Photos : John McK

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