Wairoa Dam

16 October, 2011



Unlike last weekend, we had a coffee stop not too far from the start of today's ride.  That was at Bombay.

Then we climbed up Paparata Road where we discovered that onions had a really great view of South Auckland.

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Rural scene on Totara Road, one of the prettiest in South Auckland, IMHO.

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Arrival at the Wairoa Dam.

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Looks like our water supply is OK.  However, there were one or two suggestions about
the possibility of getting the spillway to overflow.  But no one was man enough for the job.

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Lunch time.

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View from the suspension bridge.

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Checking to see how far it is down to the creek.

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Catch up time at the top of the climb out of Hunua.

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Di's GPS shows the climb quite nicely.

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Then it was decision time : do we do Ponga Road, Jones Road, or the the Hunua Gorge??

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The popular vote had us flying down the Gorge.









Photos : John McK









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