Bryan's Breakfast Ride

23 October, 2011



Cyclists like riding their bikes.  Obviously!


They also like eating, and the turnout for Bryan's ride today was good indicator of this.


Let us concentrate on food.


Some have it - and some are anticipating.

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Photo :  Shirley.










The All Day Breakfast.

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Moderation.  And doesn't the coffee smell great.

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The bikes had to go hungry.

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There was an All Black supporter in our midst.

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A last look before we leave for coffee.

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We passed this cineraria bank on the Ambury path.

P1010572-1.JPG (281059 bytes)











After breakfast, several sated riders left us, but the hardened caffeine junkies had to stop at MaccyD's

P1010574-1.JPG (97752 bytes)











And, before we knew it, it was time to have lunch at Manukau Live Steamers.

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Good to see David and Janan out with us today.

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C 863 getting her fire checked.

P1010579-1.JPG (220686 bytes)








C 863 in action.











Todays' mystery photo.
If you feel so inclined, click the email button below and tell me what you think today's mystery is.

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Photos : John McK - apart from the one from Shirley.









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