Bryan's Parakai Camping Weekend


21 & 22 January, 2012



Bryan and June ready to start the ride.
Looks like June is traveling quite light, while Bryan probably has all the creature comforts.

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And Colin is also not too worried about putting plenty of gear on the bike.

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Ron (an artiste at travelling light) tries out the boss's bike.   "TOO HEAVY," we hear him cry,
"please can I have mine back before the next hill!!??"

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Maurice is happy.  The Dahon probably weighs no more than what you can see of Bryan's load.

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And Luitgard is also happy with her gear.

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Bryan holding court at the Bakehouse.  Mmmmmm - that coffee smells good!.

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Colin's first puncture .... Bryan found a tiny bit of wire BUT by lunch poor Colin's tyre was flat again ....
and another tiny bit of wire was found..... Colin had been wondering about his recent flat tyres ....

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Tent City     aka    Home Sweet Home.

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Bryan gives June a hand setting up her tent.

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Luitgard is managing by herself.

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Colin is just about ready to try his for size  -  or is he sneaking in there for a kip!!

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June is still going.  Wonder where Bryan went?

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Ah Ha!   Success!!!!

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Photo: Maurice







The Jackson Hilton.

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Looks more like Tutankhamun's pyramid   -   maybe.

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Photo: Maurice








Maurice seems pretty happy with his handiwork.

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Photo: Maurice







You can see now why Bryan's bike was so loaded.  He does like the comforts of home.

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Even the bikes had a tent  - sort of.

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Photo: Maurice






An evening stroll after dinner.

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The Horse Whisperer.

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Evening entertainment.

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Next time we will have to bring Mr Tambourine Man along as well to keep Colin company.

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Photo: Maurice








She put it up  -  now she's pulled it down.

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Looks like the duck is not interested in the story.
Luitgard is ready to go.

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Colin jokingly says, "You have a flat!" to Bryan  - only to discover that he DID!!
Bryan gets plenty of encouragement.

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The rain arrived for the ride back to Auckland.

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General agreement that it was a most enjoyable weekend.  All wanted a repeat!!
Perhaps to Clarks Beach next time.






Photos : Ron (except those from Maurice)







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