Maurice's Auckland Circuit


5 February, 2012





Almost ready to leave the Band Rotunda in the Auckland Domain  -
-  as soon as the Dahon guys finish comparing bikes.

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Symonds Street between Grafton Bridge and Ian McKinnon Drive.

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Climbing up to Newton Road. 

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The Dahons - and an interloper - crossing the Sandringham footbridge over the SW Motorway.   

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Here they all come.

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The tail enders.

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Climbing the side of Mt Roskill.

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Ready for the big Yee Haa down Hendry Ave.

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Starting the path around Panmure Basin.

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Panmure Basin.  Unfortunately the tide was out!

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Lunch at St Heliers - view one.

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Lunch at St Heliers - view two.
Chivalry in action!!

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From St Heliers we ambled along Tamaki Drive and back up to the Domain.
A lovely, laid back ride.




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