Karangahake to Anzac Bay

Sunday 25 March, 2012





The Karangahake ride is always a popular one, but today's
did not attract quite as many riders as some recent rides here
have.  This may have had something to do with the weather.


Here are a couple of shots of what it was like just before we headed off to the tunnel.

P1010992-1.JPG (235541 bytes)










P1010993-1.JPG (114096 bytes)









Ron's map of the ride.

Karangahake to Anzac Bay 120325.jpg (159298 bytes)

Don't worry about the blip near the start and finish - Ron's GPS very carefully shows the elevation if you tramp
over the hill rather than going through the tunnel.


Click here to play with the live map.

(Map : Ron)









The Goldfields Express arrives from Waihi.

P1010994-1.JPG (144683 bytes)










We had wanted to be sure to arrive at Waikino before the train, to avoid queues
at the café. We did, but we need not have worried today.

P1010995-1.JPG (121633 bytes)










The Martha Mine Pit..

P1020002-1.JPG (244126 bytes)









JB could not help himself in the group photo.  And Kevan got elevated..

P1020001-1.JPG (167711 bytes)








We went to Anzac Bay, but the wind was coming straight in there so we popped over
to the Ocean beach at Bowentown for lunch.

P1020004-1.JPG (151888 bytes)






There were many container ships waiting to head in to Mt Maunganui, courtesy
of the POAL industrial problem.

Someone suggested there was not a problem - just a great opportunity
to turn the Auckland container terminal in to a park.

P1020006-1.JPG (92768 bytes)









Top of the Owharoa Falls.

P1020015-1.JPG (181751 bytes)








Viewing the Falls.

P1020018-1.JPG (160912 bytes)








Waiting for the viewers to finish viewing the Falls.

P1020017-1.JPG (159903 bytes)






Further down the road, further viewing was in progress.

P1020021-1.JPG (208297 bytes)








A lower section of the Owharoa Falls.

P1020019-1.JPG (211382 bytes)







In the 1km long Karangahake Tunnel.

With the rail trail joining Thames to Karangahake due to be opened
on 5 May, the surface of the Karangahake to Waikino trail has been
greatly improved and so has the lighting in the tunnel.

We had the fastest ride to Waikino we've ever had.

P1020027-1.JPG (54324 bytes)






The bridge crossing SH2 at the western end of the tunnel.

P1020028-1.JPG (225377 bytes)







Coming back to Earth.

P1020031-1.JPG (228634 bytes)







Studying some old gold mining architecture.

P1020032-1.JPG (182257 bytes)







Last scenic stop of the ride.......

P1020037-1.JPG (260442 bytes)






... to look at the Ohinemuri River as it passes Karangahake.

A somewhat more pleasant outlook than 6 hours earlier.

P1020035-1.JPG (168390 bytes)


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