Exploring Beveridge Track

Saturday 31 March, 2012





The Beveridge Track opened in December 2011 and, today, Denis
took us along to explore it.


It is a well graded gravel track rising from the western end of
Exhibition Drive, at Mackie's Rest, up to the Arataki Visitors' Centre.

Near the end there are several switchbacks which will cause most people to
dismount.  There are signs telling descending cyclists to walk.





The view from Mackie's Rest at the western end of Exhibition Drive.

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Pausing to read one of the InfoPanels

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Beveridge Track.

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View from Beveridge Track.

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Lower Nihotupu Reservoir.

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Having a breather at the Nihotupu lookout.
This is close to the Arataki Visitors' Centre.

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Coffee time at the Oratia Farmers' Market at Artisan Wines.

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Some of the action at the Oratia Farmers' Market.

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