Auckland Volcano Tour

22 April, 2012

We started the tour right next to two volcanoes : Panmure Basin, in the foreground, and Mt Wellington.

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On the Pnmure Railway Bridge Kevan explained a little about the AMETI developments.

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The view from Mt Wellington.
The quarter acre dream ain't what it used to be.
Interesting, though, what you can do with an old quarry.

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An opportunity for a breather after the steep climb up Mt Wellington.

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We talked Oliver out of climbing One Tree Hill and just looked from here.  Some reminisced about
the good ol' days when we used to sledge down the sides of this crater.  Such action is now frowned on

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Coffee at Columbus in Onehunga.

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Next stop : The Big King.

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We found some steps where we could practice carrying the bikes.
We would be needing to do this later.

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Top of Mt Roskill, where everyone was warned to be very careful about the judder bar on the way down.

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Views from the top of Mt Albert, where we had our lunch.

One Tree Hill.

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Mt Wellington.

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Big King.   (That path was steeper than it looks!!!)

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Summit Lunch

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Mt Roskill

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Three we did not climb.
Mt Eden       Mt Hobson      Mt St John

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Resting Bikes.

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After all that coffee a while ago.............

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We were joined - and guided - for some of the ride by Paul Shortland from CAA.

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Our last volcano - Orakei Basin.

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Even though it was at sea level, we manged to find some steps to climb.

Steep ones!!!!

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The reward was waiting for us.

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After climbing up to, and crossing, Lucerne Road, we had more steps down through the bush to this
lovely new bridge / path.

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After that we headed to Tamaki Drive for a gentle ride along to St Heliers and then back to Panmure.
On the way we passed Mt Taylor.

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