Hauraki Rail Trail
Paeroa to Karangahake

5 August, 2012




In the week, or so, before this ride the Coromandel had received a lot of rain.  We were to see some of the results of
this during our ride today


Our first challenge was getting through the first vehicle-stopper without getting our feet wet.
We took little notice of the sign - the track was not flooded.  Damp, maybe - but not flooded

Vehicle-stoppers were a bit of a problem : the concept is great but many - make that most - of them today
had been installed with the horizontal bars just a little too high.

DSCN1164-001.jpg (168590 bytes)

Photo: John










Taking a moment to look at the Ohinemuri where it takes a sharp right hand bend.

P1020512-001.JPG (193212 bytes)

Photo: Ron









Carol has got her pic.

P1020513-001.JPG (196094 bytes)

Photo: Ron








At Karangahake we were back on to familiar territory.  But we do not often see the river running this high.

P1020514-001.JPG (148058 bytes)

Photo: Ron










Approaching the 1,100 metre long Karangahake Tunnel.

DSCN1170-001.jpg (199507 bytes)

Photo: John











A 4" exposure from the western portal.

The tunnel is now very well lit and the surface has been improved - torches are no longer necessary.

DSCN1176-001.jpg (68951 bytes)

Photo: John










The eastern portal.

P1020515-001.JPG (266756 bytes)

Photo: Ron









The standard bridge shot.

P1020516-001.JPG (245613 bytes)

Photo: Ron







Compare the above shot with this one taken in December 2010, with the river at its usual flow.

Waihi_Ride014.jpg (199374 bytes)








The plan had been to return to Karangahake along the riverside track.
We are waiting here while the scouts went ahead to see if it was safe to proceed.
We were passed by the two walkers - they feature shortly.

DSCN1181-001.jpg (240526 bytes)

Photo: John









That's the path at the foot of the pic.

P1020518-001.JPG (207857 bytes)

Photo: Ron










And here are the two walkers.  The next pic shows just how narrow the path is.

DSCN1191-001.jpg (319863 bytes)

Photo: John














The walkers got there OK.  We turned back!

DSCN1195-001.jpg (227535 bytes)

Photo: John








The movie version.









Ron exits the tunnel.

DSCN1198-001.jpg (186153 bytes)

Photo: John








Carol and Keith return to the daylight.

DSCN1199-001.jpg (143615 bytes)

Photo: John










The garden at the delightful Talisman Cafe at Karangahake.

DSCN1200-001.jpg (288981 bytes)

Photo: John








The Talisman Cafe.

DSCN1203-001.jpg (233752 bytes)

Photo: John








We did!!

DSCN1205-001.jpg (73807 bytes)

Photo: John











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