Clarks Beach Camping

Labour Weekend  2012




Bryan wanted to lead a local camping trip, and what better time for this than Labour Weekend.


The lunch spot was at the end of Seagrove Road.    This was the site of an airfield during WW2.

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It says, "KEEP OUT!", but it looks like Morgan might like to get in. 

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Tucker Time.

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Sunday dawned wet and windy.  But this did not stop our 5 intrepid
campers going to church.  St Bride's at Mauku, to be precise.

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Then it was off to Glenbrook for a coffee ......

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.... and time to do a bit of train spotting.

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JA1250 waiting for her sister, JA1240, to bring another train in.

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Everything you wanted to know about JA1250.

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So there is about 20 tons of steam pressure on the pistons (if the maths is correct)
enabling this loco to pull its 1,000 ton load.








They looked for the owner, to sign him up, but were not successful.

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On the way home on the Monday it was time for Bryan to do what he dislikes : fixing his own puncture.

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