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Margaret's Morning Tea

26 January, 2013


Way back in the dim, dark past that was 2012, Margaret A wondered if we would like to stop
at her place some time for morning tea as part of a Howick Saturday ride.



Of course we would  -  and today was the day










We were greeted by this lovely spread.

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2013-01-029.jpg (167395 bytes)


And there were hot savouries too.  But they were shy and did not want their photos taken.





High Tea  -  Papatoetoe Style.

2013-01-028.jpg (127099 bytes)







After such a delicious, and very filling, morning tea, no one wanted to do too much more riding so we took a pic,
then headed briefly to Old Papatoetoe, and then back to our various starting points.

2013-01-027.jpg (118876 bytes)








Thank you very much Margaret for your wonderful hospitality.







Photos : John




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