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Karangahake Weekend

13 April, 2013





Athol booked us in to the River Road Lodge at Karangahake.
Here the riders are getting their briefing for the first day's ride to Te Aroha.

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Heading along River Road to the start of the trail.

Tomorrow's ride will be going over the bridge and through the tunnel.

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Heading towards Paeroa.

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The trail parallels Rotokohu Road just outside Paeroa.

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Crossing the Ohinemuri River on the SH26 bridge at Paeroa.

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The leader demostrates how to fix a flat tyre.

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Lots of helpers look for the hole in the tube.
Or is that a black snake they bravely caught

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Ummm.   What happens now??

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Getting close to morning tea at Athol's friend's home.

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Country hospitality.

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Scones & jam, coffee and tea.  The riders were very spoilt.

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Some of the riders were slow learners, so Athol gives another
"fix-a-flat" demo.

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Lunch at the Te Aroha Domain in the Band Rotunda.

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Between Paeroa and Te Aroha the trail runs parrallel to, and never far from,
SH26.  SH26 was used on the southbound journey and now it's time to
head back along the trail.

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Not again!!  This time it's Paul showing what he learned from the previous two demos!

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And there are plenty of onlookers.

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And then it was straight back to Paeroa and Karangahake to get ready for Day 2.





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