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Wandering around Ngatea

19 May, 2013





The weather was not too good on this ride and it seems that Corogate Cafe was pretty popular.


Kathy Englebrecht, one of Margaret's friends on the ride, sent an email:-

Thanks for the great ride yesterday, I really do admire how fit you all are, especially on the hills. I have a way to go to get there.Photos attached if you want to forward on or use for the club.

And Margaret sent me an email:-

On my ride last Sunday we had morning tea at Corogate Cafe that is on the corner of Back Miranda Road and Waitakaruru HW25 (road to Thames). Most of us had never been there before and were treated to England......My friend Kathy that came on the ride with us kindly took these photos for our  club.   JB should have been on the ride, he would have just loved the scones, cream and jam.  Helen and I enjoyed ginger cake and cream.

Kathy had very cold hands on arriving and was given a hotwater bottle to warm them on, shown in photo by Helen.  Out came some more hotwater bottles for us to warm our hands on.  We loved our right royal treatment...


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And, yes, Royalty was there to cheer them on.

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There may, or may not, have been some cycling done but it appears there was no further photography.  J





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