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Progressive Breakfast

26 May, 2013





A rather moody looking Rangitoto was awaiting us at the summit of Mount Victoria
when we arrived there shortly after 8:00a.m.

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Di had decided that the best place to serve bubbly - or OJ - was in the gun emplacement,
where we were sheltered from the wind.

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Looking in to the pit.

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While we were nicely sheltered we were not being distracted by the rain coming from the far side of the harbour.

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Luckily, the rain did not get us and we had a good ride to Lesley and Mike's home
in Mairangi Bay where the bikes were abandoned.  There was food upstairs!!.

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One bike got preferential treatment.

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Cereal Time.

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Getting ready for the next leg.

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All ready to follow Di to her home in Torbay.   (Roel had already left to get things ready for us.)

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Waiting for the tail enders at the top of Glenvar Road.

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Torbay Bike Park.

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This time the bikes had been deserted for coffee and muffins.

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Civilised partaking of morning tea.

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Relaxing on the deck.  "Do we really have to move on??"

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Yes we do!   And - YES - we have to go down that steep driveway!!

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Deserted again at the Smales Farm Bike Park.

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Here we had our main course at Columbus, where the staff did a great job of making sure
we were quickly served.

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The last bike park, on board Kea on our return to the Big Smoke.

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This has nothing to do with the ride.  It is the new footbridge by the Parnell Baths.
Interestingly, it has a ramp beside the steps for you to wheel your bike.
At last we are getting designers with brains.

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