End of Year Lunch

15 December, 2013



Happy Munchers.  The first course has gone.

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Tony starts his End of Year speech.

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Tony thanked the ride leaders, and got them to stand up for acknowledgement.

Here's Kevan, Bryan, Warwick and Maurice.

I think Di, Luitgard and Roel could have been standing too. 

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And here's Ron J, Tony, Stu, and Margaret.  And I'm sure David and Glen could have been standing too.

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And there were others that did not get their photos taken cos I was too slow.








David got the Trialist Cup this year for his skills as a Slow Rider.

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Tony presents Di with the Best All Rounder cup for being the Best All Rounder this year.

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JB gets the Captain's Cup for getting out riding on more Sundays than anyone else.
He must have small lawns.

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Annette and Steve were awarded the Tourist Trophy for their tour this year through Greece, Albania, Macedonia,
Montenegro, Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, and Austria.
I may well have missed some.
And Tony probably should have had a share in it too as his trip was very similar.

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Bryan received the Rough Stuff cup in recognition of being a bit rough on his leg in the UK -
and managing to break it.
He must have said something funny - Chris (who was Tony's assistant today) and Tony are certainly amused.

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And the last cup went to Ron.  This was the Hill Climb Trophy which he got
for his prowess at scarpering up a small hill.

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Then several little prezzies were handed out.
June got hers for being on more Saturday rides than anyone else.

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Kevan's gift was in recognition of having coffee on one of his Saturday rides only 900 metres
from the end of the ride.

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And John's was similar - one of his Saturday rides had the coffee stop only 1.8km from the start.

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This year's cup people.  The only one missing was Bill P who was awarded the Junior Cup.
This is for a rider who is new to the Club who does more rides than any other newbie.

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Here's Bill on yesterday's ride.

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Photos : John (except the one when Kevan pushed the button, and Ann's one from yesterday).



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