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Te Aroha Weekend

22 & 23 March, 2014





David Ward led a small, but select, group on this 2 day trip based in Te Aroha.

Leaving Te Aroha Holiday Park on the Saturday.

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Cyclists and cows.  David and JB on quiet Piraunui Road.

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Morning coffee at the old dairy factory at Waharoa.

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Lunch below Wairere Falls in the Kaimais.

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On Te Aroha - Gordon Road.

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An assortment of relics at Mohring Sawmill,  off Te Aroha - Gordon Road.

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Back through downtown Te Aroha.

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Sunday morning - time for coffee at Ronnie's in Morrinsville.

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David and June advertising ACTA on Kiwitahi Railway Road.

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Time for lunch under the totara trees at a rest area on Highway 27.

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A final sprint along O'Donoghue Road, heading back to Te Aroha.

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