A Weekend around Raglan

16 & 17 August, 2014


Margaret  led this two day ride in the Raglan area.



First day team photo at Whale Bay.  From the left
Di, Judy, Bill, Paul, Roel, Reg, Garth, Kathy, Athol and Margaret.

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Raglan Surf Beach.

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Garth cruising the Coast.

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Reg would have been admiring the view if Margaret hadn't said, "Look this way!"

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Kathy admiring the lambs.

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Athol is in climbing mode.

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Roel invites us to look at the fantastic West Coast scenery.

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Trundling along Whaanga Road.

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Reg, Bill and Kathy enjoy a perfect lunch spot at the end of Ruapuke Beach Road.

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Heading up Waimoari Road.

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Tree fall tidying up on Waimoari Road.

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Overlooking Raglan Harbour at the end of the day.
Well, they would have been if they were not looking at the camera.

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For Sunday's riding,  Waingaro was chosen as the starting point.
The group photo was taken on the bridge over the Waingaro River.

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Paul, with a harbour background.

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At morning tea time Garth offered everyone a cup of coffee.

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Several views along Te Akau South Road.

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Te Akau Road, heading back to Waingaro.

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Judy beat Garth up a hill on Te Akau Road.  His excuse was that he was too hot.
This then followed.  Looks like he was not wanting to be beaten again.

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Arriving back at the Waingaro Hotel  -  and Hot Pools.

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