Hauraki Rail Trail

5 July, 2015


The crowd starts to gather at Paeroa on a cold, clear morning.

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Susan and John are happy twins, even with matching hand on hip.

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Morning tea at the Waikino Station Cafe.

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Bill conned a lady who had just got out of her car to take the group photo.

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Bill's still happy about his conning.  Or, should that be "cunning?"
Or maybe he's just happy about his morning tea.

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Our intrepid leader getting ready for the next leg to Te Aroha.

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No milkshakes today, but the morning tea at Waikino is legendary.

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Susan negotiates the narrow path above the Ohinemuri River.

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Followed by Gaye.
We could not use this path when we did this ride in 2012 as it was under water.

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Coming down the zig zag in cleated shoes was a bit of a challenge.

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Glen and Bryan are the Tail Enders.

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Ohinemuri River at Karangahake.

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Paul checks for stragglers.

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A reminder from Ed that - maybe - riding in the Karangahake Tunnel without
a headlight is possibly not a good idea.

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Helen on the trail and loving that new mountain bike.

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A few visual delights are on display as you arrive in Te Aroha.

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On the way back to Paeroa Louise enjoyed the view of this stand of kahikatea.

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She thought she might have been the tail ender, but this bloke was trundling along slowly at the rear.

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