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Borland Road

May, 2013



Margaret Law rode the Borland Road which goes from Lake Monowai Road through to Lake Manapouri's
South Arm.

It was part of a two week cycle trip that also took in Invercargill and the Catlins.

Margaret thought some photos may tempt others to follow in her cycle tracks.


The start of Borland Road from Borland Lodge.

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Starting up towards Borland Saddle - a gradual 16km climb.

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Side valley off Borland Road

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Snow all around

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1-IMGP0178.JPG (138201 bytes)









On the Borland Summit - 990 masl!!

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Now for the descent of about 3km - mostly switchbacks to the Borland Biv.

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The start of day 2 - Borland Biv Margaret's home for the night.
She wished she had taken her winter sleeping bag.

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Early morning frost in the Grebe Valley.

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The sun still has not arrived on Borland Road.
Margaret was wearing leg warmers, three quarter over trousers, 5 layers on top, and winter riding gloves
complete with possum fur gloves underneath.

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Percy Saddle in the centre.

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Grebe River.  This was taken from the bridge on the road / track to Percy Saddle - a route for
adventurous mountain bikers.

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Lake Manapouri, South Arm

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Now all Margaret had to do was to ride all the way back up Borland Road,
and over Borland Saddle to Borland Lodge.


Lunch at the power company's workshop.

By now it was a hot, sunny, fabulous day.

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Grebe Valley thawed out.

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A loose rocky section of road.

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Upper Grebe Valley from the lookout.

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What you need to know about this glaciated valley.

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Back down Borland Road toward the Lodge.

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Made it.  Ryan's Cottage, part of Borland Lodge.   It had a welcome bath and bed for the night.

1-IMGP0206.JPG (157894 bytes)





It was 22km from Borland Biv to the lake, and then 42km back to Ryan's Cottage.


And here's some info for you Lake Monowai - Borland Road pdf



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