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To Ranfurly

28 February, 2012



Price's Tunnel, not far north of Hyde, has been successfully negotiated.

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Photo : Maurice









Selwyn is probably checking his GPS to find out where he is.  Or is there a Geocache near here?

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Photo : Maurice








Approaching cyclists.

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Photo : Eli







It's like Queen St on a Friday night!

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Photo : Maurice








You can probably bet that this is the most photographed cottage in Naseby.

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Photo : Maurice








And this is one of the most popular buildings.   But where is everyone today??

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Photo : Maurice








Wonder what they are waiting for?

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Photo : Eli








Naseby is NZ's premier (only?) curling town.

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Photo : Eli







Sound advice.

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Photo : Eli













John Turnbull Thomson was the Chief Surveyor of Otago from 1856 to 1873
and the Surveyor General of New Zealand from 1876 to 1879.

His statue is in Ranfurly.

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Photo : Selwyn







Ranfurly Station.

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Photo : Maurice







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