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To Clyde

1 March, 2012



Heading south from Oturehua.

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Photo : Eli







Idaburn Dam.

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Photo : Maurice









Approaching the Poolburn Gorge, Viaduct, and Tunnels.

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Photo : Eli











The 37-metre high Poolburn Viaduct  -  rated among the higher railway viaducts in New Zealand.

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Photo : Maurice








Two peeps from between the Tunnels looking to the Dunstan Mountains.

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Photo : Eli








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Photo : Maurice









Eli exiting the first tunnel.

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Photo : Selwyn








Looking from above the second tunnel,
at the start of the lovely downhill
leading to...........

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Photo : Eli









.......the bridge over the Manuherikia River, at the foot of the grade.

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Photo : Eli






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Photo : Maurice










A welcome stop at Lauder.

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Photo : Eli








The pipeline, the mountains and the road.

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Photo : Maurice










We've been framed!!

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Photo : Eli









Dunstan sheep.

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Photo : Eli














No comment.

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Photo : Eli






On the outskirts of Alexandra.

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Photo : Eli





Time for Lesley to go to work again.

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Photo : Maurice







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