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To Jacobs River

7 March, 2012




Haast River.

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Photo : Kit







Looks like Eli was in a reflective mood today.

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Photo : Eli









More drist and mizzle.   A West Coast Day.

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Photo : Eli








Maurice was a little reflective too.

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Photo : Maurice







The view from the Knight's Point Lookout.

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Photo : Maurice









Whakapohai River.

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Photo : Maurice









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Photo : Eli








Lake Paringa

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Photo : Maurice









West Coast Salmon Farm

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Photo : Maurice







Marion and the Davids at Bruce Bay

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Photo : Eli







Selwyn at Bruce Bay.

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Photo : Kit








Bruce Bay Forest.

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Photo : Kit










Approaching Jacobs River.

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Photo : Maurice








End of day at Jacobs River.

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Photo : Eli








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