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To Fox Glacier

8 March, 2012



Early morning at Jacobs River.

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Photo : Maurice







Karangarua River Bridge  -  looking north.

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Photo : Maurice







Karangarua River

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Photo : Eli










Karangarua River Bridge  -  looking south.

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Photo : Maurice









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Photo : Maurice







Just in case you missed it.

P1010049.JPG (167785 bytes)

Photo : Selwyn






Let's have another look at Mt Tasman.

P1020973.jpg (289981 bytes)

Photo : Maurice








The trail to the Fox Glacier.

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Photo : Eli








Fox Glacier Cliffs

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Photo : Kit








Good advice!!

P1010054.JPG (90354 bytes)

Photo : Selwyn








Marion and the Ranger.

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Photo : Eli







Maurice and the Ranger

P1020989.jpg (436710 bytes)

Photo : Maurice (Someone else pushed the button)








Kit points out something interesting.

P1020993.jpg (312998 bytes)

Photo : Maurice









Here's that man again.  The Ranger seems disinterested.

P1010345.JPG (217574 bytes)

Photo : Eli






OK OK it's getting contagious.

P1010356.JPG (265039 bytes)

Photo : Eli   (they found another button pusher, too)








See  -  I can do it balancing on a rock as well!

P1010360.JPG (210793 bytes)

Photo : Eli









Yeah   -  but it looks much better when I do it.

P1010348.JPG (154252 bytes)

Photo : Eli








Eli, David W, Marion, Maurice, Selwyn and Kit do the Fox photo op.

P1010366.JPG (193676 bytes)

Photo : Eli







Mt Tasman and Aoraki /  Mt Cook.

P1030030.jpg (198933 bytes)

Photo : Maurice






A closer view.

P1010382.JPG (112308 bytes)

Photo : Eli





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