Winter Solstice Tour

20 June to 22 June, 2014

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Getting ready to leave camp.  From the left
Neale (just), Lyn, Louise, Andrew, Paul, Athol, Susan, Judy, (saying a silent prayer), Garth (telling everyone what he had in store for them), Margaret, and Kit.

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Garth goes bush.

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Negotiating one of the bridges on the old tramway track.

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Another bridge on the track. The walker balancing carefully in the air
insisted that he should take a group photo.

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Here it is.

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Bridge #03.

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Making steady track progress.

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A pie or a sausage roll? The morning tea dilemma for Paul, Kit and Athol.

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Nice scenery on the Whangarei Heads Road.

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Lunch at Pataua.  The long view.

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A closer view.

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A real close view.

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Another bridge!!  This one goes from Pataua South to Pataua North.
Unless you are going the other way, in which case it goes from Pataua North to Pataua South.

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A closer look.

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A distant look.

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And this is the bridge from Pataua North to Pataua South.

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Heading home along Pataua North Road.

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Glorious scenery from Tahere Road.

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