Hawkes Bay & Wairarapa Escape

March, 2015


Not long after the Club's annual unsupported tour, Athol had a tour from Napier to Martinborough.
It was a one way tour, with a shuttle being used to get back to Napier.

On the way Margaret took a few photos.




On the cycle path heading out of Napier.

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A few brown Hawkes Bay sheep.

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This beautiful old cottage is near Wallingford.

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In case you wanted to know, that's the name of the hill in the background.
It is also the longest Maori place name in NZ.

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Arriving at the Wimbledon Hotel.

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Getting ready to leave Wimbledon.

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Morning tea stop.

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Lunch stop at the Pongaroa Store.

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On the way from Pongaroa to Masterton there was a big climb near Tiraumea.

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Somewhere on SH 52.

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Self catering dinner at the Masterton Camp.

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This lovely avenue through the trees is on the Masterton / Martinborough road.

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Scarecrow letterbox.

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And that's it.  Thanks Margaret for sharing your images.







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