Auckland Cycle Touring Association

Sunday July 31, 2005 was a beautiful fine winter's day.
We rode from Warkworth out to Sandspit for coffee
and then over to Scandrett's Bay for lunch.


Here's our fine line-up on the way to Sandspit.

Going2Sandspit.JPG (106810 bytes)


We do not normally lurk around the loos, taking photos of them,
but at Sandspit it's a bit more colourful than your run-of-the-mill loo.

Sandspit_loo.JPG (75273 bytes)


Once you have fuelled up at the Sandspit Wharf, you have no option but to climb the hill.

ClimbingfromSandspit1.JPG (108830 bytes)


ClimbingfromSandspit2.JPG (104469 bytes)


Of course, once up, you are rewarded with views. 
Here we are looking down on Scandrett's Bay, where we had lunch.

Scandretts_Bay.JPG (74132 bytes)


Over the other side of the road, these bulls had a view of Martin's Bay that many would pay megabucks for.

Bull_view_Martins_Bay.JPG (82853 bytes)


Some had sand wiches for lunch and the rest ended up in the cowshed in the background.

ScandrettsLunch2.JPG (110588 bytes)




After lunch our leader took us down what can best (politely) be described as a farm track to Martin's Bay.
Here we were treated to the sight of a pod of dolphins not far from the water's edge.


Dolphins.JPG (67383 bytes)