Auckland Cycle Touring Association

Saturday Ride to Otuataua and Auckland Airport

Saturday 24 September, 2005 had a strong, cool south-west
wind, but this did not stop 5 new folk coming out for their first
ride with ACTA.


Riding alongside Kiwi Esplanade on the southern shore of the Manukau Harbour.
This is the Stoker's view.

What_the_stoker_saw.JPG (70232 bytes)







As we prepared to leave the reserve at the entrance to the gravel path in Ambury Farm Park
the Stoker was still clicking away.
(P.S. We did not go along the gravel today.)

What_the_stoker_saw_2.JPG (83303 bytes)







Bryan took us down to have a look at the petrified Kauris at the end of
Rentons Road.

This small trunk has been partly exposed by erosion.  The roots coming out
of the cliff each side of the trunk were from the trees growing at the top of the cliff.

Shame on the yobbos for coming here with their spray cans. 

Wonder_trunk.JPG (154928 bytes)




And, of course, there is the mandatory coffee stop, this time at the Acorn Café at the Airport.
(Bryan, I still prefer McCafé.)

What better place to study the map to make sure we were where we thought we were.

Where_r_we.JPG (96809 bytes)