Auckland Cycle Touring Association

Clevedon to Orere Point

The forecast for Sunday 25 September, 2005 was cloudy with one or two showers.
The day turned out pretty much like that, with the showers not creating any need to put
wet weather gear on.   And the clouds meant you did not have to put on your sunscreen.
A win/win situation.


Here's a couple of shots of Brown's Cows climbing the last rise before the sharp descent
down to Kawakawa Bay.

020towards_kawakawa_bay1.JPG (25794 bytes)            021towards_kawakawa_bay2.JPG (24929 bytes)







While we had our coffee (albeit instant) at Kawakawa Bay the light rain made the bay look
decidedly damp.

022murky_kawakawa_bay.JPG (27094 bytes)







The rain did not last longer than our coffee and soon we we heading towards the end
of the road at Waiti Bay.

023kawakawa_2_Waiti_bay.JPG (130028 bytes)




At Waiti Bay it was time for some running repairs to Dave's gear change levers.

024Waiti_bay_repairs.JPG (101064 bytes)





Heading back to Kawakawa Bay.
(Sorry you are not in the pic John, you had left the team behind.)

025Leaving_Waiti_bay.JPG (110199 bytes)







At Orere Point everyone seemed to be pleased to settle down to their lunches.
(Except Pelham, who had been taking photos.)


026Orere_lunch.JPG (118423 bytes)



While having a breather at the top of the Kawakawa Bay Hill on the way home
the general consensus was, "Let's get down to the Bay for another coffee."

So we charged off, but the descent must have had a strange effect.



Most seemed to choose ice creams!!!!!


027icecreams.JPG (106563 bytes)



To those viewers who looked here Sunday evening for some pics  -  I know I said I would post them -
I must apologise.

I am afraid some whitebait fritters and a delicious Riesling got in the way.