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Auckland Cycle Touring Association



Taranaki Tunnel Tour

November, 2007


New Plymouth Rest Day

Saturday 10th






Pukeiti Rhododendron Gardens.

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Photo: Margaret









The cycle path heading towards town and the port.

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The view from the top of Paritutu (153 metres) looking toward Kaitake Range and Oakura.

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Looking almost straight down.

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The Port.
The waterfront path runs all the way from here to the Waiwhakaiho River,
which is out of sight at the left of the photo.

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Neale on the way down.  There are two cyclists sitting on the wall
in front of the black car.

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One of the Sugar Loaf Islands.
These, together with Paritutu, are all that remains of an ancient volcano.

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Push the button, and watch the fountain play in beautiful Pukekura Park.

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Cyclists of the future enjoying the waterfront pathway.

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Photos : John McK unless otherwise credited.

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