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Auckland Cycle Touring Association



Taranaki Tunnel Tour

November, 2007


Urenui to Mokau

Monday 12th






A pleasant ride on Moki Road before climbing our first real hill of the day.

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Yesterday we were in those hills.

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The further east you go on Moki Rd, the more interesting it becomes.

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People with good eyesight will see Glen in this shot.

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Leaving the Moki Road Tunnel

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Photo: Margaret






Ed was quite sure there was nothing worse than a dead Mongoose.

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His bike is a Mongoose and it had a complete breakdown in the rear hub the previous day.








On top of the world again, this time at the top of Kiwi Road.

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Photo: Margaret






Entering Kiwi Road Tunnel.

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Photo: Margaret







And coming out the north end.

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Photo: Margaret


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Photo: Margaret




Looking out of the northern end of Kiwi Road Tunnel.

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Same place, 4 June, 1988

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Kiwi Road runs through the bush down the left side of the valley.

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Near our lunch stop.

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Photo: Margaret





This was where we had our first morning tea at the beginning
of our tour.

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Photo: Ed






Tongaporutu River.

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Photos : John McK unless otherwise credited.

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